I Have a Secret To Tell You!

What Is OpsWave?

It all started late last year, when some of my employees came to me with a suggestion. When we take on new clients, we work to build a starter package for audit. It’s an in-depth collection of billing details, organizational information, marketing data and the like.

What OpsWave Means for Entrepreneurs

Like you’ll see in the image above, OpsWave is an incredibly in-depth course. Running 4 times a year for 2 cohorts at a time, the program brings together a small, select cohort of entrepreneurs and their most important employees for direct, expert training. Each cohort is exclusively limited to 4 companies, allowing us to directly support every single participant.

Applying for OpsWave

Right now, we’re getting ready to run our first-ever OpsWave course, and we’re looking to select a small group of early-bird candidates. Because we’re running OpsWave for the first time this July, we’re offering an exclusive discount for every candidate in our first cohort…



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