Starting Strong With Email

How to Effectively Use IP Warming

If you’re just starting with a domain, you can’t just immediately start sending thousands of emails a day — you’ll quickly get flagged as a spam site, no matter how legitimate your business is.

How Your Server Affects Email

Is your website using shared hosting? It’s worth taking some time to see what other sites are hosted on the same server. With some hosting providers cramming hundreds of sites onto a single IP address, the crossover can cause serious issues.

Understanding Different Mailboxes

Not all email platforms are created equal. Gmail, Hotmail, every kind of inbox has entirely different rules for what emails show up in their users’ inboxes. Even if there’s no issue, it’s worth understanding your performance across various platforms.

Building Effective Email Journeys

How far are you mapping out your email journeys? If you’re just sending a single abandoned cart email, you’re likely missing out on a significant amount of revenue (as an example). While there’s not necessarily a single best practice for how email journeys should work, you should be experimenting across your email platform.



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